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Bibliographie von US-amerikanischen Zeitschriften in "The Chess Monthly" von Mai 1861

Der nachfolgende Beitrag bezüglich einer Bibliografie von US-amerikanischen Zeitschriften, die regelmäßig eine Schachrubrik enthalten, erschien in The Chess Monthly in der letzten Ausgabe im Mai 1861 auf den Seiten (129) bis 136. Diese monatliche Schachzeitschrift existierte nur wenige Jahre von 1857 bis Mai 1861. Sie wurde von Daniel Willard Fiske (1831–1904) und für einige Zeit auch von Paul Morphy in New York City herausgegeben. Die Schachaufgaben wurden von Eugene Beauharnais Cook (1830–1915) und von Samuel Loyd (1841–1911) redigiert.

Daniel Willard Fiske (1831–1904) New York
Daniel Willard Fiske (1831–1904)

Den Originaltext in englischer Sprache habe ich nicht übersetzt, denn dies wurde bereits von Emil Quellmalz im Juli 1861 erledigt und im August in der Berliner Schachzeitung veröffentlicht, siehe Schach in Zeitungen in den USA vor 1861.

The Chess Monthly. Titelblatt der ersten Ausgabe von Januar 1857
The Chess Monthly. Titelblatt der ersten Ausgabe von Januar 1857

Die Übersicht über die periodische Schachpresse von Mai 1861 beginnt mit der folgenden Einleitung:

"The man who shall write the next Chess Bibliography, will be obliged to deal much more largely with Newspapers than his predecessors have done. The successor of Anton Schmid will have to make a very considerable addition to the five titles given by the patient German, as those of papers which had regularly devoted a portion of their space to that game, the literature of which he was cataloguing in a work of four hundred pages.

It is not many years since the checkered diagrams, with their crowns and mitres and towers and horses’ heads, and that conglomeration of letters and figures, which were once so curious and so puzzling to us, began to appear in the corners of the Newspapers. We believe that the first Chess department was established in 1823, in the London Lancet, where it was not so much out of place as one might at first suppose.

The second Chess column appeared in 1828, in the Berliner Staffette. This was followed in 1834 by the well-known column of Bell’s Life in London, which is still in existence, and still in the hands of its original conductor, the eccentric George Walker.

The before-mentioned successor of Anton Schmid is requested to be duly grateful to us for publishing the following list of American Chess-columns. It is nearly or quite complete; but we should be glad to receive additional dates, and notice of any omissions which may have been made."

Danach folgt eine Aufzählung von 87 Zeitschriften, die angeblich regelmäßig zum Schach berichtet haben. Dies ist meines Erachtens nicht bei allen aufgezählten Publikationen der Fall. Einige der hier genannten Zeitschriften existierten nur wenige Monate. Die Redaktion von The Chess Monthly macht am Ende ihrer umfangreichen Übersicht von 87 Position im Mai 1861 die folgende Einschränkung: "Of all these columns, we believe that Nos. 2, 12, 13, 16, 20, 29, 62, 66, 78, 80, and 83, are the only ones still in existence."

Die zuvor genannten Nummern waren die Zeitschriften, von denen man glaubte, dass sie noch existieren würden. Emil Quellmalz hat für die Veröffentlichung seiner Übersetzung in der Berliner Schachzeitung im August 1861 die  wichtigsten und noch existierenden 11 Zeitschriften den übrigen Blättern vorangestellt. Die von der Redaktion des Chess Monthly ausgewählten Nummern 2, 12, 13, 16, 20, 29, 62, 66, 78, 80 und 83 waren die folgenden im Mai 1861 noch maßgeblichen periodischen Zeitschriften mit einer Schachrubrik:

Von den 11 Zeitschriften waren es im Mai 1861 neun, die in New York City erschienen und jeweils nur eine in Boston und Philadelphia.

Hier folgt die vollständige Übersicht aus The Chess Monthly, May 1861:

1. The Spirit of the Times, New York City; commenced March 1, 1845; ceased October 14, 1848; revived June 5, 1858, and continued irregularly ever since. Conducted by Charles H. Stanley most of the time.

2. The Albion, New York City; begun November 4, 1848; C. H. Stanley Editor to March 15, 1856, succeeded by F. Perrin.

3. Montreal Courier, Canada; 1848; Rev. Joseph Abbott, M. A., Editor.

4. Chronicle of Western Literature, Louisville, Ky.; begun in December, 1849, and continued about ten months, under the Editorship of B. I. Raphael.

5. Diario de la Marina, Havana; from 1850 to 1853.

6. The Family Journal, New York City; begun November 16, 1850; ceased Feb. 1, 1851; W. C. Miller, Editor.

7. Prensa de la Habana published Chess Problems in 1854 or 1855.

8. Revista de la Habana, a Monthly Cuban Magazine, did the same in 1854.

9. The Illustrated New York Journal; begun August 26, 1854, and ceased December 1, 1854; edited by C. H. Stanley.

10. Frank Leslie’s New York Journal, (Monthly); begun January, 1855, and ended July, 1856; edited by a pair of Scissors.

11. New York Saturday Courier; commenced February 3, 1855, and ended with the death of the Paper, September 13, 1856; Miron J. Hazeltine, Editor.

12. The New York Clipper; begun June 30, 1855; a regular column; but for a year before had occasionally given games and news, chiefly taken from Bell’s Life in London; N. Marache Editor to August 16, 1856, succeeded by M. J. Hazeltine.

13. Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, New York City; begun December 15, 1855; edited in succession by W. J. A. Fuller, W. W. Montgomery, N. Marache and Thomas Frere.

14. The Literary Journal, New York City, published Chess irregularly from May 10, 1856, to July 4, 1857; M. J. Hazeltine, Editor.

15. Syracuse Daily Standard; begun August 25, 1857, and ceased September 7, 1859; Edited in turn by George N. Cheney and William O. Fiske. Its Chess matter was re-published each week in the Onondaga Standard.

16. Porter’s Spirit of the Times, New York City; begun September 6, 1856; Edited in turn by W. W. Fosdick, C. H. Stanley, M. J. Hazeltine, C. H. Stanley again, N. Marache, F. H. Norton, and the Scissors.

17. Lynn News, Lynn, Mass.; from February 16, 1858, to latter part of 1859; N. J. Holden and Eben Parsons, Jr., Editors.

18. Sunday Delta, New Orleans, La.; begun March 14, 1858, discontinued in the latter part of 1860; Charles A. Maurian, Editor.

19. The Winona Republican, Winona, Min.; from March 17, 1858, to July 13, 1859; Edited in succession by C. C. Moore and D. Sinclair.

20. Saturday Evening Gazette, Boston, Mass; from May 1, 1858, to Sept. 15, 1860; under the editorship of W. H. Kent and J. Chapman; revived by H. N. Stone, October 6, 1860.

21. The American Union, Boston; from May 8, 1858, to about January 1, 1859; under J. A. Potter; revived February 19, 1859.

22. Baltimore Weekly Dispatch; from June 17, 1858, to July, 1860; H. Spilman.

23. Cincinnati Sunday Dispatch; begun early in June, 1858, and ceased February 28, 1859; edited by Dr. C. F. Schmidt, succeeded by Theophilus French.

24. Harpers’ Weekly, New York City; from October 2, 1858, to June 11, 1859; C. H. Stanley.

25. Sunday Mercury, Philadelphia; begun October 10, 1858, and continued about one year; T. H. Shoemaker, succeeded by N. C. Reid.

26. Daily Missouri Democrat, St. Louis, Mo.; from October 16, 1858, to June 25, 1859; Theo. M. Brown, Editor. The Chess article appeared also in the semi-weekly, tri-weekly, and California editions, of the Democrat.

27. Weekly Missouri Statesman, Columbia, Mo.; begun October 29, 1858, and ceased shortly after; William F. Switzler.

28. The New York Saturday Press, New York City; from Oct. 30, 1858, to December 15, 1860; edited at various times by D. W. Fiske, W. R. Henry, and others.

29. Daily Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia; commenced October 30, 1858; Dr. Samuel Lewis, and Francis Wells, Editors. The same matter appears each week in the Saturday Bulletin.

30. Fitzgerald’s City Stem, Philadelphia; begun November 13, 1858, with John D. Stockton as Editor. It is now discontinued - for the second time, we believe.

31. Cincinnati Daily Commercial; from November 16, 1858, to July 6, 1859; Rev. M. D. Conway, succeeded by J. Miller.

32. Sunday Enquirer, Cincinnati, Ohio; from November 21, 1858, to February 13, 1859; M. P. McQuillen.

33. California Spirit of the Times, San Francisco; 1859.

34. The Boys’ and Girls’ Own Magazine, New York City; Monthly; January, 1859; Alexander Fleming.

35. Liceo de la Habana, Cuba; January, 1859; Pedro N. Palmer.

36. Houston Daily Telegraph, Texas; January 2, 1859; E. H. Cushing.

37. Sunday Leader, Chicago, Ill.; January 2, 1859; Louis Paulson, Editor, for a time.

38. New York Freemans’ Journal and Catholic Register, New York City; from January 2, 1859, to January, 1860; J. Munroe.

39. The Democratic Press, Fond du Lac, Wis.; January 12, to March 12, 1859; J. Smith Brown, succeeded by E. J. Gillott.

40. The Daily Gazette, Davenport, Iowa; January 13, 1859; Add. H. Sanders.

41. The Mining Record and Pottsville Emporium, Pottsville, Penn.; February 5, 1859; H. R. Edmonds.

42. Rockford Register, Rockford, Ill.; February 9, 1859; Melanchton Smith.

43. The Charleston Daily Courier, Charleston, S. C.; February 14, 1859, to January 25, 1860; P. A. Aveilhé, Jr.

44. Die Schule des Volks, New York City; February 15, 1859.

45. The Golden Era, San Francisco, Cal.; February 20, 1859.

46. The Musical World, New York City; from February 26, 1859, to July 21, 1860; S. Loyd.

47. Young’s Spirit of the South, Nashville, Tenn.; 1859.

48. Weekly Whig and Republican, Quincey, Ill.; March 1, 1859; John Tillson.

49. The Providence Evening Press, Providence, R. I.; March 19, 1859; Frank H. Thurber.

50. The Family Journal, Baltimore, Md.; April 9, 1859; S. N. Carvalho, succeeded by N. R. Waters.

51. Family Journal. Louisville, Ky.; April 9, 1859; John W. Clark.

52. Young’s Sunday Dispatch, Cincinnati, Ohio; begun April 10, 1859, and continued about two months; T. French.

53. The Times, Philadelphia; April 13, 1859.

54. Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Mich.; April 27, 1859.

55. Mississippi Blätter, St. Louis, Mo.; May 8, 1859; T. A. Meysenburg.

56. Kentucky Turf Register, and Chronicle of the Times, Louisville, Ky.; May 14, 1859; C. C. Moore.

57. New Yorker Humorist und Illustrirte Novellenzeitung; July 9, 1859; Theodore Lichtenhein.

58. Schenectady Daily News, Schenectady, N. Y.; 1859; C. E. Judson.

59. New York Ledger, New York City; from August 6, 1859; to August 4, 1860; Paul Morphy.

60. The Arcadia Prospect, Arcadia, Mo.; August 23, 1859; W. L. Faber.

61. The Chronicle, Philadelphia; September, 1859.

62. Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times, New York City; September 10, 1859; N. Marache.

63. Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, Ohio; September 10, 1859.

64. New York Bee, New York City; October 1, 1859; John McLean.

65. The Analyst, Cleveland, Ohio; November 5, 1859; M. H. Allardt.

66. New York Illustrated News, New York City; November 19, 1859; S. Loyd.

67. Camden Journal, Camden, S. C.; December, 1859.

68. Der Protestant, St. Louis, Mo.; 1859; T. A. Meysenberg [sic!].  (Theodore August Meysenburg, birth: 23 Jul 1840, Flamersheim, Kreis Euskirchen; death: 29 Mar 1901, St. Louis City, Missouri.)

69. Weekly Citizen, Vicksburg, Miss.; December, 1859.

70. Weekly Mirror, New Orleans, La.; 1859.

71. Southern Field and Fireside, Augusta, Geo.; 1859.

72. The Democratic Standard, Pottsville, Penn.; 1860.

73. Cincinnati Independent, Cincinnati, Ohio; January 29, 1860; T. French.

74. Evening Journal, Philadelphia, Penn.; March 17, to Oct. 13, 1860; W. Lehwan Walker, and others.

75. The Charleston Evening News; March 31, 1860; P. A. Aveilhé, Jr.

76. American Sportsman, Philadelphia, Penn.; April 14, 1860.

77. Kalamazoo Gazette, Mich.

78. Brooklyn Standard; June 23, 1860; John Gardner.

79. Seneca Falls Reveille, Seneca Falls, N. Y.; July 28, 1860; W. H. Mundy.

80. Household Journal, New York City; October 6, 1860.

81. New Yorker Museum, New York City; 1860.

82. Saturday Evening Express, Boston, 1860; H. N. Stone.

83. New Yorker Illustrirte Zeitung und Familienblätter; 1861 ; S. Loyd.

84. The Field, New York City; April 20, 1861.

85. A Paper (title unknown) published at Norwalk or Norwich, Conn.; 1859 or 1860.

Anm.: Die Nummer 85 zeigt den Versuch, möglichst viele amerikanische Zeitschriften in eine internationale Bibliografie von periodisch erscheinenden Schachpublikationen zu bringen. In diesem Beispiel ist der Name der Zeitschrift nicht bekannt und auch der Erscheinungsort und das Jahr kann nicht mit Sicherheit genannt werden. Die Verfasser der obigen Zusammenstellung ergänzen das Verzeichnis noch mit den Titeln zweier Schachmagazine, die ausschließlich zum Schach berichteten:

"To which may be added the titles of two Papers devoted entirely to Chess:

86. The Gambit, New York City; October 22, to November 19, 1859; T. Lichtenhein Editor.

87. The Philidorian, Charleston, S. C.; July, August, 1859; W. P. Jacobs, and O. A. Moses. This has the honor of being the smallest and the shortest-lived Chess periodical ever published. Two numbers only appeared, containing altogether, about as much matter as is given in five or six pages of the Chess Monthly."


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